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July 30, 2013

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February 27, 2012

FINALLY, some updates!

October 8, 2007

And another two years go by without any updates.  Well, technically, not quite, as there had been an occasional Power Report, and the Semaphore List got updated with the last blades were taken out of service earlier this year.  But, still...

November 16, 2005 

January 4, 2004  Updated the Semaphores List
                            Promises, promises, promises and not a bloody update for over a year.  I hang my head in shame for neglecting alpharail.  But, I do pay the bill every month and folks like you keep coming around, so there's still hope.  2003 was a good train year for me, in spite of working way too hard.  The highlights were several weekends' firing the McCloud Railway 18 from McCloud to Mt. Shasta City and from McCloud to Burney in extreme northern California.  Also, the new year saw an op session on the Siskiyou Pacific.  I'll refrain from any more promises, only that alpharail will remain up and one of these days will have some new material.  Until then, thanks for visiting and I hope you'll check back from time to time.

January 1, 2003   Major new section on the saga of Semaphores 4650 and 4651, their removal and new life for 4651.  Updated the Signal Projects page.

December 27, 2002  With Rick Perry's assistance, the Semaphore List has been updated to include signals slated for removal in 2003.

October 3, 2002  Updated the CORP Roster with a new Power Report
                          Life has been happening to your webmaster this year and my attention has not been focused on Alpha Rail.  Chuck Graham, a railfan friend from the 60's and a featured photographer in the Historical Pictures section, visited me in August and I did my best to introduce him to "participatory railfanning" in Oregon.  I'm looking forward to putting together a page or two of our adventures this fall.  Until then, I always love hearing from visitors to Alpha Rail Net and expect to have some new material online in a month or two.

April 21, 2002  Updated CORP Roster and links on RailAmerica Lines page

March, 2002  60+ new images of locomotives that would be CORP power in their pre-CORP look. (Thanks to Brad Dobyns for rounding up these pix.)

March 3, 2002  Put up two new pages of CORP at Coos Bay
                          Updated the Semaphores List

February, 2002  New images of future CORP units with earlier paint schemes in the CORP Roster.

January 8, 2002  New page on CORP's HLCX Lease Units 6091 and 6061

December 21, 2001  Put up a new Featured Picture.

December 19, 2001  Built and uploaded Cow Creek Canyon Solitude: A hi rail journey through rugged country in the depths of winter.

November 11/12, 2001  Overhauled the RailAmerica Lines page to reflect RA's acquisition of States Rail and Park Sierra.  Also checked the links and disposed of the dead ones.  I'm still looking for more links to RailAmerica Railroads.

September 15, 2001  Updated Semaphore List to reflect changes made duringing cutover to electrocode and trilights between Rogue River and Grants Pass, Oregon on September 14.

September 11, 2001  Replaced the flashing crossing lights with waving flags in memory of victims and their families from the terrorist attacks today.

July 21, 2001  As they say, "Life Happens" and I've been totally absorbed by my real world job with little happening in my railroad world.  However, I did find (and learn how to use) a Miva Script that created a Guestbook on Alpha Rail.  Please take a look and leave me a note.

April 16, 2001  A page about Semaphore replacements south of Roseburg built and uploaded.  These blades are coming out this week!

March 16, 2001  CORP's Semaphore Sale page built and uploaded (July, 2001 Note:  CORP no longer has Semaphores for sale and this page has been removed.).   Fixed the link to Riding with Rick in the CORP Signals section which I'd messed up a while back -- it's back and worth a look!

February 26, 2001  Started the Featured Picture page.

February 21, 2001  Completed and linked Portland & Western's Eugene Hauler feature.

January 28, 2001  Finished and uploaded first installment of "CORP Today" featuring the South Hauler's mid-winter run from Medford to Montague.

December 31, 2000  Put Links page together.

December 25, 2000  Complete the Cow Creek Canyon page.

December 17, 2000  Complete the Hugo - Grants Pass Electrocode Project Page  and the Yoncalla Wig-Wag Page

December 16, 2000  Fix a whole bunch of broken links, etc.

December 3, 2000  Work through the new directory structure; make a couple new index pages; test the site.  A few details remain, but Alpha Rail Net is up and running.  Posted pic of myself on YW 21 in "About Me"

December 2, 2000  Trying to figure out where I left off and get the "New Look" ready for a public debut.  Get the site far enough along to upload the new index page.  Kill old Alpha Rail Pages subdomain, though the old URLs will continue to work for another three or four months.

Late November, 2000  Work on Alpha Rail Net set aside while your web master went out and made a living.

Early November, 2000  Continued work on updating various older pages plus creating some new ones.

October 28, 2000  Revise directory structure and links of non-CORP sections.

October 27, 2000  More work on the CORP and Signals sections untangling the directory mess.  Upload new test index file.

October 24, 2000  Built Signals index page and buttons.

October 23, 2000  Alpha Rail Net is born --  Site is propagated on the Internet.  (It's the same as Alpha Rail Pages for now)

October 21, 2000  Worked out a new directory structure and Site Plan for Alpha Rail Net.  Applied for new domain.

October 20, 1000  Decided on www.alpharail.net for new url and Alpha Rail Net as new name for site.

October 11, 2000  Finally got the buttons to work on the index page.  Wrote the About Me page.

October 8, 2000    I started work on a new look for Alpha Rail Pages.  This is in preparation for getting ARP it's own domain.