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The Chapter maintains an active presence at the Medford Railroad Park.  On display are several pieces of rolling stock including 4 cabooses from various railroads, a flat car, a hopper, a box car and a flanger.  There is also an SP speeder shed which we moved from Ashland which we are preparing to display with a genuine speeder.

These  images are just a taste of what is on the Chapter's Web Site which chronicles the disassembly and restoration work on the Willamette  as well as test runs of the Baldwin on CORP.  (Your web master put together the Chapter site in lieu of continuing work on this page.)

Our star attraction is Medco 4, a three truck Willamette geared locomotive.  This engine is often confused with a Lima Shay as they are outwardly similar, however, Number 4 was built by the Willamette Iron and Steel Works of Portland, Oregon.  It is number 18 of only 33 such locomotives built by Willamette and was delivered new in February, 1925 to Owens-Oregon Lumber, a forerunner of the Medford Corporation.  This locomotive hauled logs out of the woods above Butte Falls until 1962 when the railroad logging operations of Medco were taken over by truck.  No. 4 was then donated to the City of Medford for display in Jackson Park.  In 1986 it was moved to the Railroad Park and just recently, title was transfered to the Chapter.  Unfortunately, much of the easily removable hardware and "jewelery" was removed from the engine since it's retirement and it looks just a bit incomplete.  However, all of the major parts are intact and plans are being made to restrore No. 4 to operating condition for use on a proposed excursion railroad above Butte Falls.

The Chapter also owns Medco 8, a Baldwin S-8 which is the only diesel owned by the Medford Corporation and was used to haul logs from Butte Falls down the hill to Medford.  Due to the steep terrain, tight curvature of the track and heavy loads, No. 8 was outfitted with dynamic brakes, the only Baldwin switcher ever so equipped.  We purchased this engine from Magma Arizona Railroad which had acquired it after Medco shut down the railroad logging operation.  Through the kindness of the Willamette & Pacific Railroad we were able to restore No. 8 to operating condition in their shops in Albany.  This picture was taken at Gerlinger, Oregon, on our outting over the West Side Line of the W&P in February, 1997 .

Unfortunately, all was not well with No. 8 on our trip and we burned up her main generator not far from Albany.  The W&P came through with and engine of their own and our trip was salvaged.  This picture was taken on a photo runby of the entire train.  The consist was a W&P GP-39-2, Medco 8 dead in tow, two excursion baggage cars from the W&P and the ex-ATSF business car Caspar Mountain.

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