Selected Links

A modest collection of links to  railroad and miscellaneous sites.  Many relate to pages in  Alpha Rail Net, some are favorites and a few are just plain outrageous.

Railroad Links
Some Official Sites of Railroads in Oregon

Rail America Parent company of the Central Oregon & Pacific and 40 other railroads with links to official sites of each.

Railroader Sites
A few working railroaders have put up sites of their own.
Al Krug's Home Page
Al is a BNSF hogger out of Sheridan Wyoming and has a web site worthy of note. 

Railfan Web Sites
Some of the best sites on the Web, by railfans for railfans.
Dan's Wig Wag Site This site is totally dedicated to the vanishing "Wigwag Flagman" signal.  Here you can find out where they are still in service, both on revenue generating rails, as well as museums. 
North West Rails Dan, Matt and Dan have moved onto other ventures leaving us with one last page on NorthWest Rails featuring the McCloud Railway One of the largest list of links pertaining to railroads and model railroads on the Internet.  Home to hundreds of raifan sites.
Robert Morris Photography "Photo Bob" is a world class professional photographer offering scores of high resolution pictures of western and regional railroads from the 60's to the present.  Don't miss his Picture of the Week.
Tunnel 13 Richard Wrede's diverse site about railroading in southern Oregon including CORP, WCTU, the Medford Railroad Park, local history and model railroading.
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