St. Tammany Rails -- Part 2

After graduating from Covington High, I continued to explore railroads in St. Tammany Parish, often with the company of high school friends. Often times we lucked out and caught some trains; sometimes there were no trains; always there was something to explore and document on film. The next two parts of St. Tammany Rails follow the Southern Railway through St. Tammany Parish from north to south.

Pearl River

The last stop -- and barely that -- before crossing into Mississippi, Pearl River was the last Louisiana station on the Southern Railway heading north towards Meridian Mississippi and Birmingham, Alabama.

A northbound manifest freight with four GP-35's on the point comes barreling through Pearl River.

Photo: Chuck Graham - August, 1965

And speeds past a pair of lanky teenage train nuts.

Photo: Chuck Graham - August, 1965

Hell bent for Mississippi and points north, the manifest splits the blades right before crossing the Pearl River. Evidently passenger trains or some sort once stopped in Pearl River, judging from the small covered waiting area. In the lower left corner, the front end of my faithful '64 Bug waits to continue yet another rail odyssey.

Photo: Chuck Graham - August, 1965

The other end of the station has what looks to have been a freight room. Now it's likely used for maintenance of way and signal storage.

Photo: Larry Tuttle - August, 1967

Doing a "Worm's Eye View" with the camera on the rail head has become a favorite technique of mine. I believe this is the first time I ever tried this trick -- no doubt out of boredom from a lack of trains.

But wait, the back of this photo clearly says, "Pearl River, La."and the trees obviously match the ones in the third photo, above. But, the Semaphores are gone, having been replaced by searchlight signals. (Webmaster's confession: I didn't notice this until I put this page together over 45 years from the date of this photo.)

Photo: Larry Tuttle - August, 1967



St. Joe Brick Works

While driving around one steamy July day, we happened upon a Southern Railway freight that was switching the St. Joe Brick Works between Pearl River and Slidell, La.

Looking north along the Southern Railway main line, this GP-35 looks high and mighty as it switches a cut of cars at St. Joe Brick Works.

Believe it or not, the four photos in this series were taken with a simple Kodak Brownie box camera. Even an 8 x 10 of this shot is presentable.

Photo: Larry Tuttle - July, 1966

Having been a fan of EMD (Electro Motive Division of General Motors) locomotives for several years, something didn't look right about this Geep. No, it wasn't the high short hood -- Southern ordered them that way. The trucks are Type 2, the kind used by Alco and General Electric and these came from an Alco trade-in.

Photo: Larry Tuttle - July, 1966

Another view of the power working the brick plant. Coupled to the 2698 is a GP-30, properly shod in EMD trucks.

Photo: Larry Tuttle - July, 1966

The crew didn't seem to mind that Ray Mulligan and I wandered up for a closer look as they coupled their train together and prepared to head south.

Photo: Larry Tuttle - July, 1966

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