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Mid-Winter, 2001
Jobs 507/509
The South Hauler

Part 2 -- Colestein to Montague

Easing downhill along Cottonwood Creek After almost getting stuck in the snow at Siskiyou, we elect not to follow the Hauler down Colestein Road, but take the I to Hilt and come back up towards Colestein to meet the train. 

We find the Hauler easing downhill along Cottonwood Creek.

Dwarfed by the scenery in Cottonwood Canyon
One of the challenges of photographing the Siskiyou Line is combining respectable images of the train with the spectacular scenery.  It seems like there's usually little hills or trees in the way of one or the other.  This shot, taken from Colestein Road, does justice to both. 

I should credit Richard Wrede and his Tunnel 13  site for first introducing me to this location.  A while back he'd followed the South Hauler and posted a picture taken from this spot. 

CORP and Cows CORP and Cows.  CORP isn't often associated with bovines, but there are several cattle ranches in southern Oregon and northern California along the Siskiyou Line.  This one is just barely north of the California border along Cottonwood Creek.
The meet at Hornbrook The South Hauler from Medford (in distance) meets the 500 job from Weed, CA in Hornbrook, CA.  The Weed train has already arrived and taken the siding.  The carload of veneer behind the power was picked up at Montague from the Yreka Western and is headed for Timber Products plywood mills in the Rogue Valley.

Here the crews will swap train and some power with the Medford crew taking the train from Weed north and the Weed crew taking the Medford train to interchange at Black Butte.

Crossing the Klamath River South of Hornbrook the Hauler crosses the Klamath River on a modern span which replaced the through truss bridge demolished in a January, 1980 derailment. 
Along the Klamath River at Klamathon The train follows the Klamath River for a ways, while we get to Klamathon in just enough time to catch this going away view. 
Past the Wig Wag at Ager The grade crossing at Ager-Beswick Road is protected by the only Wig-Wag on CORP in California. 

Slowing down the exposure to 1/15 sec (and lucky timing) yielded this "action shot" for Dan's Wig Wag Site.

Stopping at Montague for a pickup We end our chase of the South Hauler at Montague where the train is about to stop and pick up three chip cars left earlier that day by the Yreka Western.
Looking south at Montague Looking south, the power has picked up the chip cars and has reassembled its train to continue on to Weed. .  The YW line to Yreka curve off to the right.

As the 509's crew couples the train back together and makes the air test, we decide to call it a day and head back home.  These short winter days don't offer much light in late afternoon for photography.  But, another promise is made to return this summer and follow the South Hauler on to Weed.

All images and text ©2001 by Larry Tuttle

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