Helm Lease Units on CORP -- Part 2

The second pair of HLCX SD-40-3's arrived in early January and were immediately put to work between Medford and Glendale.    Since then, all four have been testing on the Hill between Medford and Hornbrook, often in the company of a GP-38.  The jury is out on whether they'll replace some of the ailing GP-38's.  But for now, it's definitely different to see something besides 4 axle red and gray locomotives in Medford.

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HLCX 6058 HLCX 6058 ex- Missouri Pacific 3010.  Built 3-67.
HLCX 6058 Probably the most "typical SD-40" in the bunch. 
HLCX 6522 HLCX 6522 ex-DRGW 6522. Built 4-68 as an SD-45  It has been rebuilt with a 16 cylinder prime mover, Dash 3 controls and is rated at 3,000 HP. 
HLCX 6522 Flared Radiators That characteristic flared radiator and long body -- the unmistakable lines of an SD-45.
6522 cab view
View from the cab of part of the lineup.
6522 Weights A pile of steel plate welded to the floor at the end of the long hood compensate for four less cylinders to balance the weight of the locomotive. 
Medford Lineup It's been a long time since a dozen units congregated in Medford. 

Needed:  A shot from McAndrews overpass of this lineup.

Observation:  Shooting dark, shiny locomotives late on a partly cloudy Winter afternoon is a bear.

6091 Closeup Flared carbody of the 6522 reflect off the windows in this portrait of the 6091. 

Background image photographed by Richard Wrede & really messed up by Larry Tuttle.

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