Helm Lease Units on CORP -- Part 1

For the first time in over two years, new power has come to Medford, Oregon on the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad in the form of Helm Leasing SD-40-3's.  Four units have been leased and will test working tonnage south out of Medford on the 3.7% grades of the Siskiyou.  Southern Pacific rated units such as these at 800 tons, considerably more than the 475 tons the GP-38's currently in use on the Hill are rated.  Testing will begin in January, 2002 and if the units prove successful, they will become regulars on the haulers both ways out of Medford.  Already these two units have been working between Medford and Glendale.

We were given an opportunity to look two of the units over, outside and in, and take some pictures late on a rainy January afternoon.

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HLCX 6091 HLCX 6091, ex-CN 5208. Built 9-71
From a distance these units look pretty much alike.  But, looking at the details reveals a wealth of diversity.  Note the bell mounted above the short hood and the plated over classification light sockets.  Behind the cab are two snow shields to protect the air intakes from becoming plugged by snow.  Above the plow are two heavy lift rings with ditch lights mounted above them.  Also, the steps are similar to those on Tunnel Motors.

Photo by Richard Wrede, www.tunnel13.com, who captured the 6091 with a little more light.

HLCX 6091 Long End The long end reveals a lack of number boards and numerals applied directly to the sheet metal. 
Control Stand The engineer's control stand - a few variations from the GP-38s'.
6091 Speedometer
The Speedometer on the 6091 is the large box to the left of the top of the window.  It features an LCD readout and built-in counter that resets to a preset length and beeps as you travel that distance.  Barely noticeable on the sloped ceiling is a sound deadening material that helps make this unit much more quiet than others on CORP.
6091 Cab Interior View from the Conductor's side. The speedometer has a side window allowing the conductor to monitor train speed from his seat.  The stainless steel appliance above the red fire extinguisher is a hot  plate. 
6091 Electrical Cabinet & Computer Display On the back wall of the cab is the usual array of light switches, traction motor cutout controls, etc.  The panel near the center is the display for the onboard computer.  This gives readings on everything from horse power being generated to amps at each motor, various temperatures and so forth. 
Inside Electrical Cabinet Inside the electrical cabinet of the 6061 -- the back of the computer display is on the left. 
Computer modules in electrical cabinet Below the cabinets pictured above is a rack of computer module boards.  This is the heart of the controls for that make these locomotives Dash 3s. 
HLCX 6061 HLCX 6061, ex Conrail 6318, exx-Penn Central 6065, nee PRR 6065.   Built 2-66
Short hood end of the 6061.  It uses different cut levers  compared with the GP-38 on the right.  At 36 years, this former Pennsylvania Railroad unit is one of the the oldest locomotives currently on CORP. 
6061 Long Hood Long hood of the 6061. 

Rainy afternoon, fading light, pushing the limits of digital photography.

6061 Speedometer The speedometer on the 6061 is different with LED's displaying speeds.  More LED's indicate MPH when under way.
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Background image photographed by Richard Wrede & really messed up by Larry Tuttle.

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