Rick adjusting a color light signal
Riding with Rick Perry

Signals and Signal Maintenance on the Central Oregon & Pacific
Rick and his hi rail pickup

Haulers and Crossings First we catch the 501 Job (Eugene-Roseburg Hauler, still with all-CORP power) and repair a grade crossing gate.  We get a look inside one of the equipment bungalows, and then watch the 508 Job (Roseburg Eugene Hauler) pass as Rick inspects his repair work.
Semaphores and Hi Railing After the 508 splits a set of blades, Rick opens the cases for a close-up of the innards that make these semaphores work.  Next we take off hi railing up the line as Rick makes his monthly inspections including a rare set of double-doubles in Oakland.
Semaphore Replacements Continuing north, we look at some Tri-color signals that are replacing the semaphores and check out some blades on Rice Hill.  On the way back, Rick shows off the state of the art Electrocode signal controls and a trackside hotbox/dragging equipment detector.
Wig Wags and Odds and Ends Finishing our tour, Rick tests some new grade crossing signals near Roseburg before heading back to his "hideaway".  On another day, we find some interesting signals farther south  including a Wig-Wag right next to the Rogue River and an H-2 in Medford.