Cow Creek Canyon Solitude III

Onward through the Canyon, so rugged now the road retreats to higher ground
Only the Rails and the Creek spar with rock, trees...and the Mountain

Through rock and forest
Through blasted rock and verdant forests
The remains of an ancient pole line cling to the Mountain
A relic from an era of communication by telegraph key

Broken crossarm
Neglected, weathered and broken, stripped of its line
A  totem from a long gone era
When Steam ruled and the Canyon was the vital artery of commerce
Between the Golden State and the Pacific Northwest

Phone booth
Obviated by wireless communications an old soldier that once provided
Shelter and protection to man and phone equipment
Lies like so much rip-rap

Old Signal base
Concrete foundation from a long gone Semaphore that once guarded
This now dark line.  It's mate cast aside for a
Flange Oiler to grease the grind of steel wheel against ungiving rail
Through the twisting Canyon

Bridge & Tunnel
Crossing Creeks and burrowing through rock, the Rails wind onward

Onward to civilization
Finally, a glint of yellow, a pair of Semaphore cases and a pole line
Still rustic but seemingly civlilzed after the majesty of the Canyon
In the distance, below the mists, a yellow Y -- 
The northern limits of Glendale Yard

...and a Train
A triangle of lights materialze through the mists into locomotives
Blurred by raindrops, switching their train, clear track south

Lumber leaving
Air test complete, train inspected, two sharp toots
Geeps groan, motors load, the train creeps south
With fresh lumber milled from the Trees
Of the Forests
In the Canyon

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All Images and text  © 2001 by Larry Tuttle