Cow Creek Canyon Solitude  II

Remote, serene, inaccessible to all but the few who know
The road to follow out of Riddle or the turn to make in Glendale
A single road, a relative newcomer, built to haul timber
Always on the opposite bank, separate, from the Railroad

Rail, creek & road
Through trees and beyond the swollen creek, a single lane.

Road Crossing
Across the Creek and rails, up the mountain.
Signs, flashing lights, bells to warn of the Train are tested and inspected.

Battery change
Electricity to detect and to warn must be made, gathered from the hidden sun
Or brought by rail
Batteries, drained,  must be replaced

Battery test
Banks of cells, charged with electricity
From thermal generation, to power detectors
Batteries inspected, tested; data recorded

Lights, bells, gates...bridge, tunnel
Lights, bells and gates guard the track
Rails and pavement swap sides of Cow Creek -- 
There is only room for one on each side of the narrow Canyon
But not always: Sometimes the Mountain swallows the rails

Bell, lights, mists
Mountain mists, a teardrop bell, battered crossbucks and flashing lights

Cow Creek Canyon Solitude Part III

All Images and text  © 2001 by Larry Tuttle