Cow Creek Canyon Solitude I

Darkest December, in the remote depths of Cow Creek Canyon, Douglas County, Oregon
A search for beauty, peace,  discovery and solitude along the rails of the Siskiyou Line
The soul of Oregon winter: rain, cold, rushing creeks, clouds, wind


The scene is timeless.  Rails laid through the Canyon over a century ago.

Nature reclaims

Nature tries to reclaim the  land from the railroad. 
Here, her advances have been thwarted....for now.
In years past, she prevailed and the rails were relaid on the opposite bank.

Timber cut

Timber cut over to supply the mills of the Siskiyou Line
Clearcuts, second growth, old growth, rock and rail
Melded into raw beauty in this desolate Canyon

Inspection Hi Rail

Today's rail traffic: a Signal Maintainer making his monthly inspection rounds
No train will traverse the Canyon this day
There is no longer enough freight to warrant daily service

Slash Piles

The Railroad, too, has cut timber from its lands
Safety issues, fire danger, revenue
Slash is stacked and burned along the narrow clearing

Fire and Man

Man and fire merged together
Two strangers in this land of green

Cow Creek Canyon Solitude Part II

All Images and text  © 2001 by Larry Tuttle