Cow Creek Canyon Solitude

A hi-rail journey through Cow Creek Canyon in Douglas County, Oregon.
The weather is "pure Oregon winter:" cold, windy and wet.
Weather most railfans would shun.
But, the lure of the Canyon is so strong, its essence so moody, I cannot resist.
I have to experience this other side of railroading: a side not seen by most fans.

Signal Maintainer Rick Perry has invited me to accompany, and occasionally help him with his monthly inspections and battery changeouts.
For both of us, Cow Creek Canyon is incredibly serene and beautiful, even in this weather.
It rivals any scenery on the Siskiyou Line in its understated majesty.
I come away with a wonderful sense of peace and tranquility.

This section marks a radical departure from anything previously done on Alpha Rail Net.
There's only two pictures of a single train -- if you're here just for train pix, you might be disappointed.
But, if you came here for something different and, well, a little more artistic, please stay.
There are no thumbnails; each page is 300 to 400 KB; kindly be patient.

Special thanks to Rick Perry and the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad
Images taken with Olympus D-510 digital camera and Copyright 2001 by Larry Tuttle
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Canyon Creek Solitude Part I