Photo Courtesy of:
Larry Tuttle
HLCX #6091
HLCX #6091 at the CORP engine siding in Medford, OR in 2002.

Heritage Information

Serial No.: A2525
Build Date: 09/71
Frame No.: A2525
Model: Class GF-30k, SD40
Notes: Built as Class GF-30k (SD40) for CN as 5208;
Retired as CN 5208 on (c.11/95);
Sold to Helm Leasing as CN 5208 on (c.05/96);
Rebuilt at Alsthom, Montreal to SD40-3 on (??);
Renumbered & painted at Alsthom, Montreal to HLCX 6091 on (??);
Leased to CP as HLCX 6091 in (c.1998);
Leased to CSX as HLCX 6091 in (c.1999);
Leased to NS as HLCX 6091 from (c.1999) to (c.02/00);
Leased by RailAmerica as HLCX 6091 in (c.2000);
To MKNR in (c.2000);
Stored at MKNR from (c.2000) to (c.11/01);
To CORP on (c.12/01).
Jim Brock, Roger Rassche, Dave Carr, and Ken Ardinger.
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