Photo Courtesy of:
Larry Tuttle
HLCX #3610 in Conrail paint
HLCX #3610, in ex-Conrail paint, seen at Merlin, OR on SP train EUMEM on September, 1994.

Heritage Information

Serial No.: 35379
Build Date: 08/69
Frame No.: 7191-76
Model: GP38
Notes: Acquired by Conrail 04/76;
Painted by Conrail on (??);
Returned to lessor in (c.1985);
Leased to CP as CR 7750 from 05/85 to 10/86;
Sold to CMNW as 7750 in (c.1987);
Renumbered to 2021 on (??);
Sold to GWWR as 2021 (c.1990);
Sold to HLCX as 2021 on (??);
Leased to LIRC from (c.3/94 to late 1994);
Renumbered as 3610 in (c.1994);
Leased to SP as HLCX 3610 in (c.1994);
Leased to Railtex, Inc. as HLCX 3610 on (c.01/95);
To CORP in (c.01/95);
Leased to Iron Road Railways as HLCX 3610 on (??);
Reposessed by Helm after IRR goes bankrupt in (c.2000);
Painted by Helm on (??);
Leased to NBSR from 01/01 to (c.2003);
Stored on VRS/GMRC at Bellows Falls, VT for Helm.
Tony Johnson, Dave Carr, Bill Miller, Joe Ferguson, Nick Pitsch, Steve Boyko, and Paul Doty
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