Photo Courtesy of:
Jim Hanrahan
CORP #4021
CORP #4021/ex-BN #3076 at Eugene, OR in October 1999.

Heritage Information

Serial No.: 34827
Build Date: 02/69
Frame No.: 7158-5
Model: GP40
Notes: Subleased by B&O to ATSF in 03/80, temp. renumbered 9704 while on ATSF;
Returned to lessor GATX in 05/84;
Leased to CP from 06/84 until 01/89;
To LRC-Montana in 01/89;
Rebuilt & renumbered BN GP40G #3076 on 05/89 then leased to BN;
Retired by BN in 02/92;
Returned to lessor in 06/92;
Leased by Railtex, Inc. as MNA 3076 by 05/93;
Transferred to ISRR 3076 in 06/93;
Returned to lessor by 08/94;
Leased by Railtrex as CORP 3076 by 1995;
Renumbered by CORP in 08/98;
Transferred to IORY;
Trasferred to MNA in 02/02;
Motor being overhauled.
Tony Johnson, Dave Carr, and James Mischke.
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