Photo Courtesy of:
Larry Tuttle
CORP #3804
CORP #3804 at Medford, OR on January 1, 2000.

Heritage Information

Serial No.: 36674
Build Date: 07/70
Frame No.: 7274-9
Model: GP38
Notes: Built as C&O GP38 4828;
Never painted Chessie colors;
Acquired by CSX on (c.07/86);
Painted and renumbered to CSX 2128 on (c.11/86);
Retired by CSX on (c.01/97);
Traded to LLPX as CSX 2128 in (c.1997)
Rebuilt by VMV w/Q-Tronics to GP38-3 in (c.1998);
Leased to RailTex in (c.1998);
To CBNS as CBNS 3804 in (c.1998);
To IORY as IORY 3804 in (c.1998);
Renumbered to CORP 3804 on (c.10/99);
To CORP as CORP 3804 on (c.11/99);
Acquired by RailAmerica on (c.02/00).
Larry Tuttle, Dave Carr, Dean Heacock, Brad Dobyns, Bryce Lee
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