CORP Roster Photo Courtesy of:
    Kevin Costello

MEC 256

Kevin reports:  These photos were taken in 1989 at Rigby Yard in South Portland, Maine, the Maine Central's southern gateway to the Boston & Maine Railroad.  This unit was one of thirteen bought by the Maine Central in 1966/67. When Guilford Transportation Industries bought the Maine Central in 1980, they sold the GP-38's to Helm and then leased them back again. Many of us, myself included were dismayed that they were leaving the property. The photo above is when it arrived at Rigby for storage  (they left the property in 1990). The Maine Central did a rehab on most of the GP-38's, where they added a filter system and moved the bell from the long hood to over the cab.  Web Master's Note:  The bell had been moved back to the bracket on the long hood by the time CORP received this unit.  Also, note that the Maine Central did not use plows on most of its GP-38's preferring instead to run plow extras.  

MEC 256 Right Side

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