Coos Bay Swing Bridge
in and around
Coos Bay, Oregon
Part 2

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North Bend Tank Car & Highway Bridge Heading north out of Coos Bay, we exit Highway 101 just before it crosses Coos Bay and duck under McCollough Bridge.   On North Point we find a propane unloading spur.  Amazingly, the rain stops and the clouds part enough for the sun to shine on our little party.
Swing Bridge A couple hundred yard walk across the site of a dismantled mill brings us to Pony Slough (foreground) and this view of the Swing Bridge.  Now owned by the Port of Coos Bay, this is the longest swing bridge in the US and is slated to be rebuilt in the near future. 

Xingman hates to cross this bridge.  He says it drops pieces of iron on him.  Pete ties his boat to it when he fishes.  Sometimes I wonder about Pete.

Cars and Dunes at Cordes After crossing McCullough Bridge and a short causeway we come to the famous CORP and the dunes at Cordes.  These cars have been set out by the Coos Bay Switcher for the Hauler to pick up.  Given the street running and limited yard in Coos Bay, the Hauler never actually crosses the bridge into Coos Bay, but usually swaps it's cars here.
Swing Bridge from Cordes Looking south from Cordes we get a beachy view of the Swing Bridge.  Most of the rail activity at Cordes is inaccessible, behind fences and guarded gates.  Our CORP-on-the-Coast tour ends here as we drive west into the dunes and away from the railroad.
Cape Arago Snowstorm According to Xingman, CORP was to run the switch job for a few hours on Sunday morning and we'd made tentative plans to catch a little action.  But, Sunday morning dawned cold, gray and soon produced a rare snow storm at sea level.  We drove out to Cape Arago, took a few pictures of the Pacific in the snow and then decided to try to beat the storm inland.
West Fork Snow After some serious white stuff around Coquille, the storm petered out as we started into the Coast Range.  By the time we got into Douglas County, it was partly cloudy and we decided a trip through Cow Creek Canyon was in order.  Ray had looked at Canyon Solitude and was eager to see it in person.  The previous night's storm had dumped 4 to 6 inches of snow in Cow Creek.  West Fork, shown here, was as beautiful as ever under a fresh mantle of white.
Tunnel 5 in Cow Creek Canyon Climbing out of the Canyon towards Glendale, we stopped for one last look at Cow Creek, the rails and Tunnel 5. 
All images and text Copyright 2002 by Larry Tuttle

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   All images and text Copyright 2002 by Larry Tuttle
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